Nice to meet you!

I'm an educator, engineer, founder, and community organizer.

I believe in using technology to create a more equitable world.


Work & Education

I care deeply about PreK-12 education.

Over the course of my career, I have taught math at a public high school, founded & sold an education software company, and run an ed-tech consulting practice.

Director of Product
Founder, Consultant
Lean, Growth, and Product for Education Technology
Manager, R&D
CTO & Co-founder (sold to Renaissance)
Algebra & Geometry teacher; Data Coordinator
Corps Member; Operations Director
B.S. IEOR - Engineering Management Systems
Minor in Computer Science


In my spare time, I enjoy getting involved with causes that I care about.

Carry Our Weight

Carry Our Weight is a rich-media anti-racism resource. We elevate the work of Black writers, creators, authors, and thinkers, and help guide allies in the important work of reflecting, learning, taking action, and dismantling our own racism.

Creator. Compiled resources, designed information architecture, and coded full website.

Alliance for Quality Education

AQE is New York's leader in education justice and fair funding advocacy.

Organizer. Active in lobbying, postcarding, political education, etc. Created a digital infographic of how much money is owed to each county by New York State.

NYC Councilmember Lander

Brad Lander is the founding chair of the Progressive Caucus on New York City Council.

Policy & Tech fellow. Created and/or upgraded interactive web tools for digital advocacy. Researched and designed infographic for 12-point Desegregate NYC agenda

Get Organized BK

Get Organized BK is a community organization that resists hate and injustice by organizing targeted civic actions for Brooklyn residents.

Steering Committee; Digital Team co-lead. Co-developed website, facilitated digital communications tools and resource sharing for subgroups and 1000+ members.

Raise the Age NY

Raise the Age NY was a multi-year campaign to prevent 16- and 17-year-old kids from being prosecuted as adults in NY. The campaign succeeded in April 2017 and was signed into law by Governor Cuomo.

Organizer. Organized phone banks, created shareable infographic.

Richard Glossip is Innocent

Richard Glossip is Innocent was a website created and released alongisde the Discovery Go TV series examining Richard Glossip's wrongful conviction and subsequent sentencing to death row.

Creator. Created website, set up pipeline to funnel leads for Richard Glossip's defense.

Death Penalty Truths

Death Penalty Truths is a digital infographic about truths and myths surrounding the death penalty.

Creator. Commended by Bryan Stevenson, the director of the Equal Justice Initiative. In collaboration with the Yes on 62 campaign to end the death penalty in California.

The day my student was expelled

A reflection about a time when one of my students was expelled. This piece is largely a critism about the school-to-prison pipeline and punitive justice models.

Author. Featured as an Editor's Pick on the homepage of, The Marshall Project, and The Southern Poverty Law Center. Published in The Synapse.

Will Democratic candidates talk about education justice on the debate stage?

Author. A commentary on the political discourse of education justice, the realities of the school-to-prison pipeline, and the various stances of Democratic candidates.

Tamir Rice: your death was part of The Plan.

Author. A letter written to Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old victim of police brutality. This piece offers a grim perspective on the planned nature of mass incarceraton.


I frequently whelp early-stage startups to build great products and develop engineering processes.

I actively volunteer as a mentor with a few different organizations:



I also occasionally speak on panels or present at events. Here's where I've recently spoken:

Columbia Venture Community panel,
"From Bootstrap Start-up to Acquisition"
University of San Francisco, School of Management
Creativity, Innovation, and Applied Design
Guest Lecturer
University of California, San Francisco
Master of Global Entrepreneurial Management class
Guest Lecturer
SF EdTalks,
"Real Talk: The Changing State of Education"
Duke Fuqua MBA class, Net Impact Club Speaker
MIT Sloan MBA class Speaker
Kick Accelerator,
Spring cohort
Columbia Radio Lab Podcast,
"From Bootstrap Start-up to Acquisition"
Kick Accelerator,
Fall cohort


Some of the things that make me happy:

Backpacking & camping

I've performed at 4
Warriors' half-time shows!

I organize a weekly session
by the water!

Especially when I can make
it for friends!